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Buy Heroes and Halos through Saint Marie Records. Available on vinyl (limited) and/or CDs/digital 

Heroes and Halos track listing:
  • 01. How I Love (Everything About You)
  • 02. Dum Dum
  • 03. Long Last Night
  • 04. Break A Heart
  • 05. Bells
  • 06. Heroes And Halos
  • 07. Longitude
  • 08. Ease on
  • 09. Comfort In Light
  • 10. Hearts In Our Throats

Hope you enjoy and thanks for your support!
We would like to give a Special Thanks to the following people who have been so supportive over the years and instrumental in making this album come to fruition
John Moen, Jonathan Drews, Wyatt Parkins, Robert Pardington, Matt Levin, Mike Young, Sherrod Burns Johnson, Nate and Cindy T, Mary and Bill Milan, Evelyn, Laurie, Linda Rand, Jeffrey D Wade, MJ, Ron, Meg, Beth, Paula, Jana, Josh, Ro, Will, the family of KND and everyone who contributed to the making of Heroes and Halos